Rodent Removal

Rodent Removal Lafayette LA

Looking for a good rat removal Lafayette LA company? Look no further than Eagle Pest Control & Chemical, the Lafayette area’s leading pest control experts. Rodents present a safety hazard to both residential and commercial homes. Not only do they carry diseases, rats can cause destruction by chewing through wires, walls and other materials –which poses a fire hazard should they chew electrical wires. Rodents will consume food stored in your pantry or kitchen and will bite. Bottom line: You can’t afford to be lax about rat extermination and removal, so call Eagle today to get started on rodent control.

Rodents can enter your home through openings as small as 1 inch, about the size of a quarter. Fixing the damage to your home or business done by Rodents can be expensive, so get your rodents problem under control with help from Eagle’s vermin removal experts before you have a severe infestation on your hands.

Enjoy fast and effective relief from this common Lafayette area pest by calling the experts at Eagle, who have over 35 years of rodent control experience. Schedule a one time appointment for vermin removal, or have your home or business checked on a monthly or seasonal basis to combat rodent infestations. Not only can Eagle’s pest experts trap and remove existing rodents, they can seal and plug gaps and cracks on your home where vermin enter and educate you on ways to keep rodents from re-entering your home or business.

Eagle Pest Control is state licensed and and bonded, with employees licensed in general vermin control including rat control. We offer free inspections to determine whether you have a pest problem, so call today to schedule your rat removal Lafayette LA appointment or vermin inspection.

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